Join Lotus Flight Summer Enrichment Program

Chicago, IL – South Loop Campus

LOTUS: FLIGHT Summer Enrichment Intensive Program
Not a flight program, but a flight of programs where children can “discover their passions.”

Serving 12 – 14-year-olds



Each week The LOTUS Flight Summer Enrichment Intensive Program provides engaging, hands-on, inquiry-based program that is led by industry professionals. These activities will expand participants career awareness in a format that is both enjoyable and engaging via real-life projects and experiments


In 6 full weeks, this 25 student cohort will enjoy the following activities: STEM, Journalism, Team Rowing, Tennis, Literacy Circles, Nutrition Education, Purdue University College Tour, and Rope Courses!

“Discover your passion”


FootPrent Labs is dedicated to developing the next generation of tech-preneurs. We teach youth how to think by exposing them to mobile app development and entrepreneurship using our No-Tech, Low-Tech, and High-Tech curriculum.
Kids STEM Studio will teach game development via the Clickteam Fusion platform. Coding and Game Design will be taught via Tynker's visual programming language that features drag and drop logic blocks. (2 Week Intensive)


The True Star Magazine Photography Team gives urban youth a basic understanding of photography and the power of capturing the moments of everyday life. Teens learn how to approach photography by carefully selecting topics, detailing the tasks of an assignment, researching subjects, using imagination to visually alter the subject, and a constant reworking towards the goals of clarity and consistency. (1 Week Intensive)

XS Tennis

Students will enjoy learning the finer points of tennis in a world class facility! (2 Weeks)

Team Rowing

Learn to Row with Chicago Training Center. Lessons will include both indoor and water practices at Park 571 Boathouse. (1 Week indoor + Water Exercises)

Eat 2Live!!

The ETL team will make a smooth landing at the Flight Enrichment Program to bring information on healthy eating and recipes that are fast and tasty. (1 Week Intensive)

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  • Full Flight Plan

  • $29006weeks
    • 6 week Summer Enrichment Program
    • Speakers Series
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