About Lotus

Our Program

An 8-week summer enrichment intensive program that includes a 3 day sleep away experience for middle schoolers. Each week, between the hours of 730a to 5p, The LOTUS Flight Summer Enrichment Intensive Program provides engaging, hands-on, inquiry-based, awareness-expanding experiences for 25 young people between the (rising) 6th and 8th grades.


LOTUS Flight Summer Enrichment Intensive Program offers students the opportunity to “discover their passion” as their discovery is guided through a flight of experiences in six competitive and highly marketable industries by a professional leader from that very industry!


By offering a Flight of activities from potential “academic-to-career” paths, the LOTUS Flight Summer Program is designed to expose and expand the awareness of, 25 children on their journey towards discovery of their academic and professional selves. We “bring education to life!”


Our exploration series will allow our participants to be inspired by hearing about the path and journey that many successful people have taken to reach the highest of heights in their personal and professional journeys.

Natalie Yvonne Moore

“I’m going to be a journalist.” – 1991
Chicago native and WBEZ reporter, Natalie Y. Moore, author of the critically acclaimed, The South Side: A Portrait of Chicago and American Segregation (2016) will speak with Flight students about her academic career path, her love for her craft, industry salary ranges and the lifestyle that lend itself to a journalist.

Heather Ireland Robinson

Executive Director of The Jazz Institute of Chicago. Heather will share a story about her decision to pursue the arts and how that opened her eyes to the many possibilities within the arts industry.

Ghian Foreman

Community developer Ghian Foreman, Executive Director (and 2016 winner of The PrivateBank Norman Bobbins Leadership Award, courtesy of LISC Chicago’s Neighborhood Development Awards) will speak about his early interest in community development and how his vision for transforming community through real-estate and strategic partnerships is taking place.

Frankie Robinson

Frankie Robinson – Music – Radio – Acting

Frankie held down the midday position at Crawford Broadcasting’s Power 92.3 for 4 yrs, and did exceptionally well with ratings all 4 yrs. Frankie resigned from Power 92 May 2015 for a better opportunity! Now with a career 7 yrs long in radio she is back where she started at WGCI holding down the midday position Mon – Fri 10am-2pm! She is about to make history and is looking forward to the next journey of her life as she continues to pursue a storied and successful career in radio and television.



Flight’s Speaker Series highlights the benefits of having your business partner – with whom you share professional goals, and the person with whom you share love and familial goals be the same person!

Andre and Frances Guichard

With over 25 years of experience in the industry, Andre and Frances Guichard of Gallery Guichard in Bronzeville are the visionaries behind a diverse portfolio of work that can be found in over 2,500 corporate and private collections globally. They are the international curators and spokespersons for the Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series, an international contest, with 8,000 artists’ submissions, created to provide a platform for artists to connect with collectors. Read more about the power couple here

Esther and Jason Williams

For over 15 years this husband and wife power couple have established themselves as professional leaders in the sales, marketing, rehab and real estate industry. They both hold bachelor degrees and have, to a vast array of clients from professional athletes and seasoned investors, to first time home buyers, sold millions in their field. They will provide valuable insight into the potential business degrees can present.