Who is LOTUS?

We are educators with a desire to heighten the potential of all students. We all too often see children who have not had their interests piqued. Some have no realistic “interests,” or plan B, while others can’t put those interests into words. Too many get overlooked. We established LOTUS to cultivate in students a love for learning, exploring and living!

Our mission

We are educators who are committed to piquing the potential of children by guiding their inquiry and discovery via activities that challenge them to be their best selves. It is our mission to help students expand their awareness, discover their passions, and to connect that love for life with learning. For a child to be academically successful, it helps for them to connect their learning to their passions.

Flight is our pilot program, established to introduce students to their complete academic and healthy selves.Join US in launching a successful Flight this summer.

Aaron Ireland

Aaron Ireland has a Master’s in Teaching from The University of Chicago; 15 years in the education industry.

Ginny Melanson

Ginny Melanson is a teacher for CPS. She holds her Master’s in Teaching from The University of Chicago.